How do we turn your precious collection into a state-of-the-art DVD?
For you at least, it’s simple! You give us your old film, videos, slides and photos. We sort them and take care of everything! Utilizing our advanced digital technology and spectacular remastering features, you will receive an easily searchable DVD that will exhibit a marked improvement to the original images.

Can Pictures and Slides be converted to DVD?

Yes they Can! Actually, we can convert virtually any type of media. Here’s a scenario… There are four siblings but Dad only had one camera and there wasn’t such a thing as “Double Prints”! Who gets the originals? Enter Ormond Beach Video’s Transfer Service… Now all siblings have the same copies of all treasured family pics, preserved forever!

Can you mix film, slides, photos and video images on the same DVD?
Yes, we Can!

Is there media that you can’t handle?
Unfortunately, we're not able to accept 8 Track tapes or audio reel to reels.

Can I wait to make these Conversions?
Everyone has memories tucked away in boxes - slides, photos, old films and old videotapes. But instead of having them collect dust, we can help you preserve and share them! ATV Video Transfer offers you a safe, easy and affordable way for you to transfer all of your old photos.

How long does it take to complete the process?
Our normal turnaround time for small orders is 2 business days. If you need it sooner, we do offer Rush service at an additional charge.

Can I ship my media to you or do I have to drop it off?
While it is safer to drop it off personally, you can ship it to us. Just make sure to pack it well and insure it heavily.

Why use the Local Expert versus an Internet transfer company?
That’s a judgment call! You may land a reliable, honorable, efficient and affordable service on the Internet, and your memories may not get lost in the mail, OR you can make the short drive and drop off your media personally to a company in business locally for over 20 years!

How many minutes of footage are on the average home movie reel?
It depends on the size of the reel and how much of it was used. On average, there’s about 4 minutes of movie per 50 feet. How many feet of that film will fit on one DVD? Approximately 1500 feet, or 2 Hours.

I have film or videotapes that are damaged, can you fix this?
Yes, in most cases we can repair broken or damaged VHS tapes, and cut film.

Do you transfer PAL and SECAM video?
Yes, but only if the videos are VHS format.

Will my new DVD work in any DVD player?

Yes, we assure to make it work in all formats.

Can you add my own supplied music to my DVD?


Can I order extra copies?

Yes, we can make as many copies as you like, and we do offer volume discounts. This is the ultimate gift after all!

What Happens to my Originals?

Once completed, we'll return all of your originals to you unscathed along with Your New DVD’s all professionally labeled and packaged. Now you can store your originals without the worry of deterioration because you’ll possess the Digital DVD’s that will last a lifetime!

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