ACTION! Now is the time to convert all of Your Film Reels, Camcorder & Videotapes,
Pictures and Slides to DVD utilizing our State of the Art Processes.

Ormond Beach Video turns Your Classic Reels into a Brilliant Presentation in both Color and Black & White. Never outsourced, all work is done in our own climate controlled facility in Ormond Beach. No projected images are ever used. We capture the material from the media directly, digitally recording the reel images frame by frame.

Upon obtaining the files in their new digital format, we edit and enhance those movies incorporating your choice of music genre and organizing them with custom DVD menus. All of this is all performed while preserving the integrity of the original as well as the basic spirit in which it was filmed.


TRANSFERS Our transfer service assures the highest standards of preserving what is available on the respective medium: 8 & Super 8mm Reels, Videos tapes, VHS-C tapes, Camcorder Tapes.

CONVERSIONS We convert using the highest available resolutions dictated by the original standards. By utilizing maximum resolutions we assure maximum quality for future applications and conversions. Let’s face it the DVD is just the beginning but right now, absolutely essential.

ENHANCEMENT All enhancing is only done per request. Brightness, Contrast and Reducing over-saturated colors is the most common enhancement requested, and in those cases that it’s done, it’s necessary. General enhancing, such as color enhancing/saturation, sharpening and video noise reduction, is used sparingly unless specifically requested. Our primary objective is preserving original quality in a pristine state with marginal tweaks to assure the affects of permanent alterations.

Done with varying degrees of success depending on severity of original.

PACKAGING Our experience and education is rooted in the graphic arts and we utilize every ounce of it when labeling and packaging your DVD’s. We assure customer satisfaction by requiring proofs and proof approval to avoid any misunderstandings.

MONTAGES All work done in house and we welcome private appointments for creative collaborative efforts. Come be a part of your own production to avoid any communicative problems and concerns.

EFFECTS Our digital process utilizes state of the art technology for professional results. Let us use the best computers and software for editing fades, titles, sound effects and much more to produce your project the way envision it.

FILM / TAPE REPAIRS Splicing 8mm film or VHS video tape the most common repair we do regularly. Camcorder tapes, in most cases, can be repaired depending on the damage. All pricing on repair quoted on particular item and damage.

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